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Automation services enable your entire organization to be always-on,
optimizing operations to provide seamless business activities

Products & Services
Power Distribution Panel

Precision-engineered Power Distribution Panels with advanced features, delivering uninterrupted performance at industry-leading prices.

Products & Services
MCC Panel

Advanced Power Distribution Panels, precision-engineered for uninterrupted performance at competitive prices.

Products & Services
VFD Panel

Advanced Automation Drive Panels precisely control speed and power, meeting international standards with rigorous quality checks.

Products & Services
PCC Panel

Versatile Power Panels and Control Centers with various current ratings, including installation services, competitive prices, and timely delivery.

Products & Services
Automatic Power Control Panel

Efficient Automatic Power Factor Control Panels with minimal energy losses, widely sought after for superior performance in various industries.

Products & Services
PLC Control Panel

Versatile PLC Control Panels for system automation, offering customizable features and comprehensive control capabilities.


MNCAS India Pvt. Ltd. is established in 2017 within a vision to support the revolution of automation. MNCAS India Pvt. Ltd. provides a complete solutions for all types of control panels right from engineering, manufacturing , installation & commissioning For various industries like Automotive, Process, Material Handling, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Instrumentation, Automation & robotics and many more.

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